Nobel Hygiene Friends Pants XL – XXL

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Keeping the ease to wear and comfort in mind FRIENDS Premium Adult Diapers Pants are underwear-like pull up diapers that provide a snug fit, specially designed for an Indian body type. These unisex adult diapers are seamless and comfortable for men and women alike. The brief-like leg openings on FRIENDS Adult Diaper Pants make it easy, quick and comfortable to wear while the odour lock technology ensures you do not compromise on your social lifestyle. FRIENDS Adult Diaper Pants protects you from leakage for up to 8 hours with the help of its antibacterial super absorbent core with a rapid absorption layer so you do not have to worry anymore and live life to the fullest!

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  • COMFORTABLE UNDERWEAR-like UNISEX adult diaper pants with WAIST ELASTIC for a snug fit, specially DESIGNED for INDIAN BODY TYPE.
  • Friends Adult Diaper Pants Extra Large offer Upto 8 HOURS PROTECTION AGAINST LEAKAGE, MOISTURE and have ODOUR LOCK
  • RAPID ABSORPTION LAYER for quick absorption
  • HIGH ABSORBENCY Adult Diaper Pants with ABSORB LOCK CORE that offer maximum protection from leakage and ANTI-BACTERIAL CORE prevents rashes & infection

Note: Premium Pants is now Premium Dry Pants with new packaging as well with same quality & specifications, Please note you might either of two packaging as per availability


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