How to boost mental health in elders

We all know how important is mental health, when it is about elders this becomes even important because of age and physical weakness, stress and changing social equations etc. Many doctors advice elders to live stress free live to enhance physical health.

Below are few ideas that how to boost mental health in elders:

Try to improve on sleep

Sleep is most important contributor for our mental health, a good sleep supports good mental health and reduces stress and anxiety. Most of the elders find it difficult to sleep due to physical issues or discomfort. It is good to practise regular and sufficient sleep.

Have balanced diet

Food is second most important component for physical and mental health. Someone has said – we become what we eat. So eat simple and natural food this will keep your mental health good till good extend.

Healthy social life

Meet lot of peoples, spend good time with positive and energetic people, hear them out, express yourself and your ideas to them. It is found that people who have good social circle their mental health found better than others.

Spend good time in nature

Spend good time with nature, it can be plants, animals or anything related to mother earth. Along with physical health our mind gets calm when we interact and engage with nature.

Exercise for physical health

Yes, exercise, offcourse it will help physical health but it will also boost mental health by supplying lots of fresh blood to brain.

Develop hobby or channel to entertain

Music, food, chitchat or whatever you like, entertain yourself.

Try to relax and reduce stress

Take it light, if something is not as per you, let it go. Things will be happen the way they suppose to. Sit back and relax.